What We Do:

- CRBO shall conduct studies of birds and ecosystems, publishing the results as scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and other publications. Every effort will be made to ensure that the studies are performed in a scientific and statistically valid manner. These studies will form the basis of recommended management and restoration plans to be presented to state and federal agencies, municipalities, as well as concerned landowners. These studies will also be used to identify and recommend critical habitat for purchase by conservation organizations plus state and federal agencies. Leading ornithologists and other biologists will eventually be hired as paid staff in order to conduct these studies.

- CRBO shall act as a volunteer clearing house. We shall provide organizations like SC DNR, US FWS, The Center for Biological Diversity, SC Native Plant Society, local Audubon Chapters and others with reliable numbers of qualified and motivated volunteers to assist with understaffed projects. The goal: to help focus and motivate Lowcountry birder/naturalists into teams to help accomplish tasks.

- CRBO shall operate bird banding field stations for many years in the same locations to study migratory bird populations. Where possible, other organizations' past banding station locations will be reactivated. Schools will be urged to organize visits to the banding stations to help educate students about migratory bird conservation and promote environmental awareness.

- State and federal wildlife agencies (especially in times of severe budget shortfalls) cannot devote sufficient resources to fully study and raise public awareness about every species that needs attention. CRBO shall "take up the slack" through scientific studies, volunteer efforts and education / public awareness campaigns. CRBO field personnel will also instantly alert DNR officers when witnessing violations of game and fish laws.

- CRBO shall periodically issue "Calls for Data" about certain bird species to various forums, groups and individuals. CRBO shall build computer databases about different species that are collected from various sources: banding records, CBC records, ornithological journals and publications, museum records and more. Free access shall be given to these databases through a public web (html) interface.

- CRBO shall offer assistance to visiting researchers and organizations performing ornithological research in coastal SC. This assistance will (and has) taken the form of: advice, pre-visit scouting and other field work, field assistance during their time here, assistance gaining permission to work on private/restricted-access lands, lodging, local transportation (particularly boat-based assistance), volunteer recruitment and more.